Monday, February 11, 2008

#263 Checkmate Championship - Round 4

Ari Minkov beat Ted Mann to take over the top spot but 3rd-round leader Mark Kernighan can regain it with a win vs. Don Carrelli tonight (Springfield Barnes & Noble, 8:30).

Bob Sherry won easily against Joe Azzarello while I struggled to defeat Joe Renna. My opponent played very well and had a clear plus at one point.

Here are the current standings, last night's games, in java-replay & zipped PGN and ...

pairings for round 5 :
  • Kernighan - Mann 1.0
  • Azzarello 1.0 - Minkov 3.5
  • Carrelli - Moldovan 2.5
  • Renna 0.5 - Sherry 2.0
... which will be on Feb. 24th. We are skipping a week to accomodate those playing in the USATE (2/16-18).

Full notes to my game will follow at some point.

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