Friday, February 15, 2008

#265 Kenilworth Championship - Round 5

Open Section

NM Mark Kernighan kept his half-point lead with a draw against 2nd-placed Ari Minkov. I won but my foe missed a chance to reverse the outcome :

after 27.a3

Black to win

U1800 Sections

Mike Wojcio grabbed a share of the 'A' group lead with a win over Ian Mangion while Glen Hart beat Chris Lim for his 4th straight game to stay atop the 'B' group.

Ted Mann & Bert Shiffman also won; against Dmitriy Yampolskiy and Gordon Agress. However, Jim Cole took byes for this round, 2/21 & 2/28 and Justin Roach either took a bye or forfeited to Joe Demetrick.

I'll get a confirmation on that pairing this weekend and find out if Ed Rodda is still competing but h
ere's how the standings look now : Open, U1800-A & U1800-B

You can go through my game and notes here or download them. The rest will have to wait until after the USATE.

UPDATE : Roach took a bye & is still in the event.

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