Saturday, January 16, 2010

#615 Kenilworth Championship - Round 1

The Kenilworth Chess Club Championship began Thursday night with its smallest field (just 17 players) in five years.

2008 Champion NM Mark Kernighan, expert Arthur Macaspac and 2009 KST winner Ian Mangion are the top-seeds.

Last year's victor, SM Yaacov Norowitz, is not defending his crown. Past champs FM Steve Stoyko & NM Scott Massey are among others sitting-out.

1st round pairings & results:

All the higher-rated players won but boards 1 & 2 had major scares.

Mike Wojcio missed a win in the opening against Kernighan and Dan Komunicky time-forfeited in a winning, pawn-up ending versus Mangion.

  1. Kernighan 1-0 Wojcio
  2. Komunicky 0-1 Mangion
  3. Mark Schwarcz 1-0 Ted Mann
  4. Lou Sturniolo 0-1 Don Carrelli
  5. John Moldovan 1-0 Mikhail Kruglyak
  6. Bert Shiffman 0-1 Richard Lewis
  7. David Pawlowski 1-0 Joe Renna
  8. Jim Cole 0-1 Glen Hart
Macaspac received a 1/2 -point bye.



Late-joins are being accepted & one additional player would make an even number. Please see post #611 & contact TD Geoff McAuliffe before next Thursday, if you'd like to enter.

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