Saturday, June 05, 2010

#689 Summer Tourney - Round 1

The 2010 edition of the Kenilworth Summer Tournament opened with 6 games & 2 upsets; as Max Sherer (-480) jolted NM Mark Kernighan & Greg Tomkovich (-272) downed Ari Minkov.

I won against Joe Demetrick but, as usual, it wasn't a clean performance. We followed my 2006 KST loss to Anna Matlin for 15 moves, though there were transpositions. Joe erred 6 turns later, allowing me steal a pawn with 21...Ncxd4! -+.

Then, while I was wilting in the tournament room's oppressive heat, he missed the Exchange-nabbing 33.Nd7+ Ke8 34.Nb6 and a possible draw.

At any rate, I'm happy to start-off on the right foot and pleased that the field is so strong. Of the 14 current players, 5 are KST champs & just 2 are under 1660 3 are <1650.

If anyone would like to schedule for a particular week or play in the air-conditioned analysis room, just say so!

1st round results, by board:

1. Sherer 1-0 Kernighan
2. Tomkovich 1-0 Minkov
3. Dave Pawlowski 1/2-1/2 Don Carrelli
4. Joe Renna 0-1 Ian Mangion
5. Demetrick 0-1 Moldovan
6. Pat Mazzillo 0-1 Lou Sturniolo

Ken Chieu and Geoff McAuliffe joined but didn't get a chance to play.

Standings after week 1 of 13:

= 1-5. Mangion, Moldovan, Sherer, Tomkovich, Sturniolo 1.0
= 6-7. Carrelli, Pawlowski 0.5
= 8-14. Kernighan, Chieu, Minkov, McAuliffe, Demetrick, Mazzillo, Renna 0.0

Java-replay (5 of the 6 games)

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