Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#692 Chess Mates To Open On Saturday!!

Chess Mates in Rahway will open on Saturday June 19th with a 4-round, G/60 Swiss for U2400s. The entry fee is $40 for non-members, $30 for members.

Full details on the inaugural event:

Every Saturday G/60 U2400  

4-SS, Rds: 10:30 a.m., 12:15, 2:00, 3:45, 5:00 pm. Chess Mates Corporation, 1523 Irving St., Rahway, NJ 07065. A block away from Rahway Train Station and 40 min. train ride from NY Penn Station. May be limited to first 50 entries. EF: $40, members $30. Prize Fund: 70% of EF. Prizes: 1st, 2nd, Top U2200, U2000, 1800, 1600. Limit 2 byes, commit by 11:30 am. Re-entry $15, counts half (no re-entry after 2nd round). Reg. ends 10 min. before game. Entering 10 min. before game and phone entry, $5 Extra. Cell#: (760) 583-8429,

Chess Mates' Cell Phone Rule

Use of a cell phone is prohibited in the tournament room. If your cell phone rings in the tournament room during play, you lose half of your remaining time. For a second offense in the same tournament, you forfeit your game.

Sat. 19 - 4/SS, G/60 for U2400
Sun. 20 - G/45 Swiss (5 rounds) 
Mon. 21 - to be announced 
Tue. 22 - G/30 Quads (3 rounds) 
Wed. 23 - G/30 Swiss (4 rounds) 
Sat. 26 - G/60 Swiss for U2400 
Sun. 27 - G/45 Swiss 
Mon. 28 - G/5 Swiss (7 rounds) 
Tue. 29 - G/30 Quads 
Wed. 30 - G/30 Swiss

Correction : Arthur told me Chess Mates was opening Saturday but, as Don reported on the Kenilworth Kibitzer, it opened Wednesday afternoon.

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