Saturday, October 23, 2010

#721 Spyware On Westfield CC Site??

Are any of the readers receiving a security alert when visiting the Westfield Chess Club site? I'm getting one from Spyware Doctor.

Even after removing the site from the banned list, attempts to visit it bring an alert.

What's the deal??


Anonymous said...

You might have a problem with your machine. (try a reboot first) Some of these products hamstring your computer until you buy their stuff. Try booting in safe mode with internet access. I've got normal results with westfield site.
Ed S.

Chess Coroner said...

Spyware Doctor is a legit product. I've been using it for 2 years and never got that security alert about the Westfield site before.

After the way some hacker(s) spammed the life out of the STC Bunch site and a trojan was found in the Chessgate/ISchach software, I'm leery.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's a real product. I've used many mainstream products and am aware of problems on other sites. I dumped windows a while ago after similar stuff on my system. Went to Linux and a lot less problems and maintenance. Your mileage may vary! I suggest you backup anything important (always should anyway) just in case.
Take care,
p.s. stay leery. :)

DACarrelli said...

Works fine on my end. Perhaps Z gave them one of his CDs? :o)

Chess Coroner said...

Now I'm getting an alert about Chess Flash!! which I used on the 1st Garden State site and is featured on Kosteniuk's and West's blogs.

Trend Micro isn't flagging these sites so I'll allow them.

I'll probably switch-over to Avast which is free and has lower CPU demands.