Friday, June 10, 2011

#851 Summer Tourney - Round 1

Despite the delayed opening, the start of the Kenilworth Summer Tournament attracted a decent-size crowd of 15 and saw a half-dozen games.

I tried an Old Indian, dropped a pawn on move 8 and lost to Greg Tomkovich. NM Mark Kernighan, Joe Renna and Bert Shiffman also won but Bert's result won't count unless the Open & U1200 sections are merged.

Late-joins are traditionally accepted through round 6 but, since we already have 18 players, the cut-off date may come a week or 2 earlier this year.

If anyone would like to schedule for a particular week just ask me.

1st round results, by board:

1. Joe Demetrick 0-1 Kernighan
4. Renna 1-0 Ted Mann
5. Chris Constantino 1/2-1/2 Wayne Burnett
6. Joe Azzarello 0-1 Shiffman

Standings, after week 1 of 12:

Open Section

 = 1-3. Kernighan, Tomkovich, Renna
= 4-7. Mangion, Carrelli, Burnett, Constantino
= 8-15. Praveen Balakrishnan, Moldovan, Demetrick, Steve Liesch, Lou Sturniolo, Mann, Pat Mazzillo, Shiffman

U1200 Section

= 1-3. Luis Ruales, Azzarello, Aleksey X. 0.0

Java-replay (3 of the 6 games)

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