Saturday, June 18, 2011

#856 Summer Tourney - Round 2

11 players joined, swelling the field to a record 29. There were 14 or 15 games played but, unfortunately, several pairings and 1 result were not available at posting time. I will try to get the missing info for you in the days to come.

Open Section

Joe Renna defeated Chris Constantino to take an apparent a half-point lead over expert Ian Mangion and NM Mark Kernighan. The latter was nicked for a draw by young Praveen Balakrishnan.

In other games, Mike Goeller upset FM Steve Stoyko, Kevin Chen won vs. Greg Tomkovich and I struggled to beat Bert Shiffman. Pat Mazzillo also took a full point.

M. Sherer 0-1 Mangion
Tomkovich 0-1 Chen
Mazzillo 1-0 Burnett
Constantino 0-1 Renna


1. Renna 2.0
=2-3. Kernighan, Mangion 1.5
=4-8. Goeller, Chen, Moldovan, Tomkovich, Mazzillo 1.0
=9-13. Balakrishnan, Carrelli, Burnett, Constantino 0.5
=14-21. Stoyko, M. Sherer, Demetrick, McAuliffe, Liesch, Sturniolo, Mann, Reinoso, Shiffman 0.0

U1200 Section

Antonio Altamirano 1-0 Ruales
Aleksey Senyatkin 1/2-1/2 Sturniolo *
Antonio Altamirano 0-1 Sturniolo *
Raphael Matta 0-1 Leticia Sefia
Leticia Sefia 0-1 Braeden Reinoso *
Andy Altamirano 1-0 Paula Sefia
P. Sefia 0-1 Andy Altamirano

* Indicates U1200 vs. open match-ups. The only result from those 3 games that will count in the standings is Aleksey's draw.


1. Andy Altamirano 2.0
= 2-3. Antonia Altamirano, L. Sefia 1.0
4. Senyatkin 0.5
=5-8. Azzarello, Matta, Ruales, P. Sefia 0.0

I'm going to hold-off posting the standings and wall-chart for now crosstables until after round 3.

Revised 6/23 @ 4:48 p.m., to include missing pairings and standings.

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