Wednesday, October 05, 2011

#901 Kenilworth Teams In Action Tomorrow

The Kenilworth Karpovs and Kenilworth Kortchnois will open their 2011-12 Garden State Chess League seasons tomorrow night against the DOCA Knights and Essex County College.

Here are the home teams' expected lineups:

Karpovs - 1. FM Steve Stoyko 2251, 2. Dr. Richard Lewis 1820, 3. Max Sherer 1797, 4. Joe Demetrick 1661

Kortchnois - 1. NM Richard Mattern 2114, 2. Dr. Ian Mangion 2013, 3. Greg Tomkovich 1659, 4. Dr. Geoff McAulffe 1644

KCC members not listed above are encouraged to attend the matches and make themselves available, if necessary.

Chess Mates and 2-time defending champion Hamilton will also be playing.

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