Saturday, February 11, 2012

#982 KCC Ch. - Round 5 Games & Wrap-Up

My short but interesting 5th round draw versus Michael Goeller has been posted in java-replay and PGN.

I played a model opening in the 2 Knights French that left my opponent with "nothing" but didn't find the best continuation, completely lost the thread at move 21 and stood worse at the end. 

Finally, to put a bow on the 21st KCCC... a few stats:

Players: 22 (most since 2009's 26)
Games played: 49
Decisive games: 41 (.837)
Games drawn: 8 (.163)White scored: +26-15=8 .612
Higher-rated players scored: +35-6=8 .796
Biggest rating gain: Pat Mazzillo +76!!

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