Friday, April 27, 2012

#1015 Chess Cafe Article By David Korn

Chess Cafe recently published an article by West Orange CC blogger David Korn, who details a great act of sportsmanship by GM Robert Hess at this year's USATE.


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transformation said...

Thank you kind sir. The link you provide, due to a subtle distinction not many catch, goes back to the weekly or monthly posts.

Once the next post goes through, you of course no longer get the link to the specific article, but just the most recent.

thus, the record article is now:

As far as I know, you have to wait till the next article goes through, and thus the reference article is then archived, with a numberical PDF file.

Best Regards, dk

ps, I so miss the NJ chess scene, but back in Seattle-Bellevue--Redmont, Portland OR is where I belong:

Intregrative thinking, ice and snow in an alpine environment, but truly, the people in NJ ahve it over everywhere, warm but direct. Only the folks in Maine are better, but the environment does not resonate with me (stopped in, on the way here from NJ).

Thanks, Warm Regards, dk