Sunday, April 08, 2007

#120 KCCC Scores Needed

I am currently missing 10 scores from this year’s Kenilworth Championship & would like to assemble a complete set.

Therefore, I’m requesting :
  • Cole-Demetrick, Mann-Smith, Tomkovich-Shiffman & Wojcio-Gadgil from round 1
  • Polese-Massey from round 2
  • Cole-Shiffman & Roach-Mazzillo from round 4
  • Wojcio-Mazzillo from round 5
  • Shiffman-Wojcio from round 11
  • Wojcio-Mann from round 12
You may e-mail the aforementioned to me or bring them to our next few meetings.

I realize some of you may want to keep your secrets or hide your disappointments but scoresheets are, by rule, property of the Tournament Director and the games are a marketing tool that may draw additional members to our club.

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