Sunday, April 29, 2007

#132 Upcoming Kenilworth Events

May 3rd
Kenilworth Championship
Trophy-deciding games!!

May 10th

Belated Blitz Tournament
G/5, Round-Robin?; entry fee : $5.00

May 17th

Consultation Game

May 24th

KCCC Awards Ceremony
+ the conclusion of the consultation game

May 31st

Thematic Tournament

4 Rounds @ G/15; $5.00 entry fee?

June 7-August 30

Kenilworth Summer Tournament
G/60; $5.00 entry fee

October 11 & 18

USCF-Rated G/30 Tourney
4 rounds, $6.00 entry fee?

TBA : matches vs. West Orange (away), Holmdel & Roselle


Jim Cole said...

thematic tournament means everyone plays the same opening sequence, yes? do we know what the opening is for the tournament?

Anonymous said...

Please forward this to Geoff.

2007 Kenilworth Club Championships

Joe Renna vs. Justin Roach

1. d4, Nf6
2. c4, g6
3. Nc3, Bg7
4. Nf3, O-O
5. e3, d6
6. Be2, Nd7
7. O-O, e5
8. Qc2, Re8
9. dxe5, dxe5
10. e4, c6
11. Bg5, Qc7
12. Rad1, a5
13. Na4, h6
14. Be3, Ng4
15. Qb3, Nxe3
16. Qxe3, Rb8
17. Rc1, Nf6
18. Nd2, Rd8
19. Rfd1, Rd4
20. Bd3, Be6
21. b3, Rbd8
22. Nc5, Bg4
23. f3, Bc8
24. Bb1, Qd6
25. b4, Rxd2
26. Rxd2, Qxd2
27. Qxd2, Rxd2
28. Nd3, axb4
29. Nxb4, Be6
30. Bd3, c5
31. Rc2, Rd1+
32. Kf2, cxb4
33. Be2, Rd4
34. Ke3, Bf8
35. c5, h5
36. Bd3, Bd7
37. f4, Ng4+
38. Resign


Chess Coroner said...


All the games in the Thematic Tournament will start with the same position & that opening or variation is to be determined. Do you have any suggestions?

I'll make a post on the subject in the next day or two.

Chess Coroner said...


I've forwarded the corrected score to Geoff. Thanks for posting it.

Michael Goeller said...

Actually, we discussed 4 rounds at G/15 in the theme tournament this year. We did do G/30 last year, but just got lucky in selecting a clear winner. 4 rounds will work better.

I suggest the Urusov Gambit, as in the famous Dimock Theme Tournament of 1924.

Chess Coroner said...


Thanks for the correction & suggestion.