Friday, April 20, 2007

#127 Kenilworth Championship - Round 15

U1800 Section

Mike Wojcio (10.0/12) joined Greg Tomkovich at the top of the standings, with a win over Joe Demetrick (9.5/12) but Justin Roach (9.5/11) kept pace by beating Joe Renna & can clinch the U1800 title with a victory over his final opponent, Gordon Agress.

Regardless of Roach's result next week, a playoff will be required to determine the 2nd place winner.

In the consolation races, Renna (6.0/12) secured the U1400 crown when Harry Smith (4.5/12) defeated Agress (4.0/11).

I'm told the event will conclude next Thursday but with Cole having 2 games left & a 3-way playoff possible, a 17th week may be needed.

The 15th round games will follow in a few days. For now, here are the

U1800 crosstable (in standings order)
U1800 crosstable (with color assignments)
& Round by Round results

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