Monday, April 16, 2007

#126 Checkmate Championship - Round 3

Leader Juan Huaman (3.0) & Ari Minkov (2.5) won last night; effectively eliminating all other contenders & making their upcoming encounter a probable title-decider. Bob Sherry (1.5) moved into 3rd place with a forfeit win but his hopes are faint.

I killed my chances by blundering a win (vs. Huaman) but had some unexpected company in that department yesterday; as the N.Y. Yankees' Mariano Rivera gave up a 3-run, walk-off homer.

Anyway, here's the tournament crosstable; as well as all the available games (Mann 0-1 Minkov is missing) from rounds 1-3 in Java-Relay & zipped PGN.

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