Friday, March 07, 2008

#280 Kenilworth Championship - Week 8

Open Section

Mark Kernighan beat me in 18 moves again while Ari Minkov defeated Max Sherer. With 2 games to go Mark leads Ari by a half-point.

U1800 Sections

TD Geoff McAuliffe decided to change the format to a single RR plus U1800 & U1400 playoffs.

The U1800 qualifiers, so far, are :
  • Ian Mangion (= 1st in the 'A' group)
  • Mike Wojcio (= 1st in the 'A' group)
  • Joe Demetrick (clinched a share of the 'B' group crown).

Glen Hart can knot Joe D. by beating Justin Roach next week.

The U1400 participants are :
  • Bert Shiffman (= 3rd in the 'A' group)
  • Joe Renna (= 3rd in the 'A' group)
  • Chris Lim (5th in the 'B' group)

Last night there was one regular U1800 game :
  • Demetrick 1-0 Roach

... and two playoff games :
  • Mangion 1-0 Wojcio
  • Lim 0-1 Renna

Also, due to the U1800 event being shortened :
  • last week's Agress-Wojcio & Shiffman-Mangion will not count in the RR standings but will be USCF-rated as extra games
  • Jim Cole's results stand & his remaining opponents (Yampolskiy, Lim, Roach) get full points.

Finally, here are the updated, standings for the Open, U1800-A, U1800-B sections and... 4 of the 8th-round games in replay & PGN. 3 are annotated.

Demetrick-Roach amended 3/9 @ 12:23 p.m.

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