Friday, March 21, 2008

#289 Kenilworth Championship - Week 10

I tried to provide live coverage of the games in this space but the wi-fi signal at the club was weak & it faded-out just before I could post. So a typical report will have to do.

Open Section

Max Sherer held Mark Kernighan to a draw and missed a chance for an even bigger upset :

after 22...Rae8??

White to win

With one head to head meeting to go Mark & Ari Minkov are tied with 6.0.

next week's pairings : Kernighan-Minkov; Carrelli-Moldovan

U1800 Playoffs

Ian Mangion beat Glen Hart to take the lead.

next week's pairings : Demetrick (1.0/1)-Mangion (2.0/2);
Hart (0.0/1)-Wojcio (0.0/2)

U1400 Playoffs

Bert Shiffman won via forfeit against Chris Lim and drew the tie-breaker against Joe Renna. So, Bert & Joe will have to go at it again... for a 4th time!


next week's pairings : Renna-Shiffman [G/60 tiebreaker]

Here are all of last night's matches in
java-replay & PGN.

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