Friday, March 14, 2008

#286 Kenilworth Championship - Week 9

Open Section

With leader Mark Kernighan getting the week off, Ari Minkov took over the top spot by beating Don Carrelli. I overcame an inferior position against Max Sherer and moved into 3rd place.

The remaining schedule should be as follows :
  • 3/20 Sherer (2.0)-Kernighan (5.5)
  • 3/27 Kernighan-Minkov (6.0) & Carrelli (0.5)-Moldovan (3.0)

U1800 Sections

Play in the B group ended with Glen Hart defeating Justin Roach and earning a berth in the U1800 playoffs. In those playoffs, last night, Joe Demetrick handed Mike Wojcio his 2nd-straight defeat.

Joe Renna, meanwhile, clinched at least a tie for 1st in the U1400 playoffs when Bert Shiffman allowed him to draw by repetition. Bert needs a win vs. Chris Lim to force a re-match with Joe.

Here are the updated Open & final U1800-B standings, the U1800 playoff & U1400 playoff tables, plus 3 of yesterday's games in java-replay & PGN. Notes to my battle will follow at some point.

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