Monday, March 10, 2008

#283 Checkmate Championship - Round 7

With Ari Minkov electing not to play, second place in the Checkmate Championship was up for grabs. Bob Sherry took it with a win over Ted Mann while I turned victory into loss against NM Mark Kernighan. Don Carrelli beat Joe Azzarello to finish fifth.

Here are the final standings :

1. Kernighan 7.0
2. Sherry 5.0

3. Minkov 4.5

4. Moldovan 4.0

5. Carrelli 3.0

6. Renna 2.5

7-8. Mann 1.0

7-8. Azzarello 1.0

... and crosstable; plus the replays & PGN of last night's games.

Since I'm rather "chessed-out" at the moment (Wish the KCCC was done, too.), I'll post my final-game notes later this week.

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