Sunday, April 17, 2011

#813 KCC Crew Shines In Ippolito Simul

Lou Sturniolo, who notched a draw, reports:
There were 91 official entrants. Some opponents, such as family members, did not count for World Record purposes. I think at least 25 players were class A or above. Four were masters.

Despite problems with the Kenilworth contingent (detailed below), Dean beat his share of high rated opponents and had a pretty tactical win over Matthew O’Brien, who is rated about 2130. In the end, he had  67 wins, 4 losses, and 20 draws. That is an 84.6% winning percentage.

The fearsome Kenilworth contingent included Steve Stoyko, Ken Chieu,  Kevin Chen, Ari Minkov, Joe Renna, Max Sherer, and yours truly. Steve handed Ippolito his first simul loss in well over 10 years and 10,000 games and the exhibition was stopped momentarily while the significant victory was announced to the crowd, who responded with rousing applause for both players.

Ken, Max, Kevin, Ari, and I drew. Joe Renna lost after a very tough fight, his game going about 9 hours. So Kenilworth's 7 players (7.7% of the official participants) hit .500 (25% of the IM's losses and draws). while all others batted just .125!

Here is Dean's win over Renna, in java-replay and PGN, which I was asked to annotate for the Around About Peterstown newspaper.

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