Tuesday, June 12, 2007

#155 Coroner's Corpse Exhumed

This past weekend, I surfed over to the West On Chess blog and made a gruesome discovery... one of Jim West's recent posts featured my 1987 loss to James Salisbury!

As I read on, I discovered that this game was featured in the Atlantic Chess News 19 years ago. Touche'! Maybe, by re-publishing it, J.R.W. is getting back at me for noting that he doesn't provide pgn files for his readers.

Anyway, I thought you folks might be interested in my comments on the contest but, before giving you the links, I'd like to provide some color. For the record, it took place in the 3rd/final round of a 6-player, bottom-quad swiss at the Newark Airport Ramada Inn, which a few months earlier, was a Howard Johnson's.

I was actually rated 1749 (p/17), at the time, & in the midst of a 0-6-1 futility streak, which was extended by an opening-round draw with Barry Jaffe (1722); who, with his spouse, later appeared on WOR-TV's Richard Bey Show, in a "Sexiest Wife" competition. I s*** you not!!

Following an unrecorded between-rounds skittles draw with the aforementioned 1595-rated Salisbury, which is, in fact, the root of my obsessive-compulsive, score-keeping habit, I notched a win at the expense of an unrated little kid named Tristin Barr.

As for the game in question, the first 15 moves were interesting & decently-played by both sides but I went straight downhill after that. My opponent's Exchange sac at turn 23 was good but zombie-walking into a mate in 3 ultimately did me in and led me to give up OTB chess for nearly 3 years.

Without further due, here, is the annotated Java-replay & PGN.

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