Saturday, June 30, 2007

#167 Summer Tourney - Round 4

Ari Minkov (4.5) rallied from a pawn-down position to upset NM Mark Kernighan & retain his Kenilworth Summer Tournament lead. Greg Tomkovich (4.0) moved up one spot with a pair of wins over Max Sherer.

I'm still =3rd (now at 3.0 with Kernighan), thanks to a very lucky win vs. Mike Wojcio. As in Tuesday's game at West Orange, my opponent missed a decisive sac on d5 (see diagram below) & was victimized by a desperado Knight sac.

after 26...Qe7??

White to win

... There were a bushel of mistakes in the aforementioned's middlegame but the opening should be of interest to Caveman Caro-Kann fans.

In other action Jim Cole beat Harry Smith and Renna-Mazzillo was drawn.

Here's the current standings page, plus 4 of Thursday's games in Java-replay & zipped PGN.

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