Friday, June 22, 2007

#161 Summer Tourney - Week 3

Ari Minkov (3.5) & NM Mark Kernighan (3.0) kept their places at the top of the Kenilworth Summer Tournament leader board with wins over Mark Bilenky & Greg Tomkovich.

Ed Selling (who defeated Joe Renna) & I won to join Greg in a 3-way, 3rd-place tie at 2.0. Richard Lewis, meanwhile, scored a full point against Max Sherer. Harry Smith & Pat Mazzillo drew.

Here's the current standings page, plus notes to my nice win over Joe Demetrick in both Java-replay & zipped PGN.

P.S. - The 2nd round
replay & PGN file files have been amended with 2 more KST games. We now have 12 of the 21 played thus far.

This post was corrected on Friday, June 29th

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