Friday, June 15, 2007

#156 Summer Tournament - Week 2

There were 8 games played in the 2nd round of the Kenilworth Summer Tournament including my draw against event-leader Ari Minkov.

I played poorly (again) & was hit by a nice shot at turn 22 (see diagram below) but, like last week, managed to survive a clear disadvantage & pawn-down ending.

after 22.Kh1?

Black to play

Minkov now leads with 2.5, a half-point ahead of NM Mark Kernighan & Greg Tomkovich; who, along with Mark Bilenky, Ed Selling, Mike Wojcio & Joe Demetrick & Joe Renna, took full points last night.

Here's the
Java-replay page & zipped PGN file with my interesting battle; plus the standings page.

I expect to add Bilenky-Goeller tonight & the Lewis-Kernighan score at some later point.

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