Friday, July 06, 2007

#169 Summer Tourney - Round 5

Ari Minkov (5.5), Greg Tomkovich (5.0), NM Mark Kernighan (4.0) & I each won one game to maintain the status quo among the Kenilworth Summer Tournament leaders.

Ari lost to Greg (see diagram below) & he probably should have done so against Mike Wojcio, too.

after 19...a5?

White to win

There was, however, some movement, in the next group of hopefuls. Pat Mazzillo took 1.5 points & jumped into 5th place (2.5). Mark Bilenky (2.0) grabbed a share of 6th with a win & was still playing when I left.

In other developments, Max Sherer nicked Pat for a draw, to get on the scoreboard, and Doran Race, who finished 2nd in the West Orange CC Championship, joined.

Here are the standings (pending Race-Bilenky) and 5 games (3 lightly annotated) for you to replay or download.

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