Friday, July 13, 2007

#170 Summer Tourney - Round 6

Ari Minkov (6.5) continues to lead the Kenilworth Summer Tournament standings, as he has from the outset. NM Mark Kernighan & I won to join Greg Tomkovich in 2nd place (at 5.0). Pat Mazzillo (4.0) solidified his 5th-place seat by taking 1.5/2 for the second straight week. No one else in the 19-player field has more than 2.0.

My victory over Greg was one my most efficient efforts ever. I'd love to hear what you folks think of it. So, after visiting the Java-replay page, please leave a comment. You can download the PGN here.

after 31.Bh5

Black to win


Michael Goeller said...

I like that ...Re7 followed by ...Qd7 idea to win the c-pawn. Very nice concept. After that, he is basically lost and you finish it logically.

The Bilenky-Minkov game should have gone the other way, though I have no time to figure out where B. went wrong. He had a great King's Indian attack going!

Chess Coroner said...

In Bilenky-Minkov, 34.Qf5 wins for White.