Friday, July 20, 2007

#172 Summer Tourney - Round 7

Defending champion Greg Tomkovich (7.0), took over 1st place in the Kenilworth Summer Tournament last night, with a pair of wins.

Ari Minkov (6.5), who led through the first 6 rounds, misplayed an opening advantage, lost to NM Mark Kernighan (see diagram) & dropped to 2nd.

after 13..Qg6?

White to win

I won, to keep pace with Mark (at 6.0) & move to within 1 point of the top, but did so only because my opponent missed a draw in time-pressure :

after 42...b5??

White to draw

In the other action, Max Sherer, who was recently profiled in Atlantic Chess News's Scholastic Spotlight column, Michail Kruglyak & Dmitry Yanpolsky each scored their first victories.

We're now past the halfway point in the event. There are 6 weeks remaining.

Here are the
standings, & a few games in Java-replay & PGN. Annotations will follow in a day or 2.

Notes to my game uploaded Saturday 7/21 at 12:30 a.m.

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