Monday, July 30, 2007

#177 Corrections & More Annotations

I did some shoddy work on the round 8 games & need to correct several mistakes :

- The Dragon Sicilian was not a hot topic in the Playchess Freestyle Final. In fact, it wasn't played there at all!!! The Poisoned Pawn Sicilian & French Defense were in vogue.

- 3...Nd7 & 4.Bf4 in Minkov-Renna were fine. I didn't allow Fritz enough time. The program needed 2:26 to give the okay on ...Nd7.

- 19...Rbc8 in Moldovan-Wojcio was equally as good as the suggested ...Rfc8 & 21...a5? was a mistake.

To make amends, I have added a 6th game (Kernighan-Wojcio) to the 8th round replay/PGN & annotated Renna-Minkov for you.

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