Friday, July 27, 2007

#175 Summer Tourney - Round 8

Ari Minkov (8.5) is back atop the Kenilworth Summer Tournament standings after notching a pair of victories over Joe Renna. I played indifferently but scored 1.5/2 & now stand 2nd. Last week's leader Greg Tomkovich & NM Mark Kernighan are =3rd/4th at 7.0. Greg lost to Joe Demetrick last night while Mark beat Mike Wojcio.

5th-placed Pat Mazzillo (5.0) & Michail Kruglyak (3.0) were the evening's other winners.

Here are 5 games (1 fully annotated) in Java-replay & PGN. Complete notes to Joe D.'s Dragon-slay & my short, quirky draw vs. Ed Selling will follow in a few days, perhaps sooner.

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