Saturday, December 30, 2006

#52 No Checkmate CC Meeting on 12/31

The Checkmate Chess Club in Springfield will not meet tomorrow, on New Year's Eve; as Barnes & Noble will be closing at 6 p.m. Please have a Happy New Year & join us on January 7th.

#51 Springfield G/10 on January 21 & 28

A free, ten-minute tournament will be held at the Checkmate Chess Club in Springfield on January 21st & 28th. To join, just seek TD Ted Mann in the Barnes & Noble cafe from 7:30-8:15 p.m. on the 21st. Play will begin at 8:30 both nights.

#50 Checkmate Compilation

Here's a zipped PGN file with all the local games (88 total, 71 annotated) posted on the Checkmate Chess Club site from January 2005 thru March 2006 plus some subsequent blitz games (10). It includes...

- D36 Moldovan 1-0 Tomkovich : Kenilworth Club Championship 03/09/2006 (my best game of the year)
- C00 Goeller 0-1 Moldovan : Kenilworth Club Championship 02/02/2006 (my 3rd best)

- D36 Moldovan 0-1 Kernighan : Checkmate Club Championship 03/19/2006 (best game by an opponent)
- D36 Moldovan 0-1 Stoyko : Kenilworth Club Championship 01/12/2006 (2nd best by an opponent)
- B28 Sherry 1-0 Moldovan : Checkmate Club Championship 03/05/2006 (4th best by an opponent)

... & 16 other games (10 annotated) from the 2006 KCCC.

FYI : I won't be posting any games for the next 13-15 days. You should have enough to tide you over. :) I'll try to get a list of 2007 Kenilworth Championship participants & post that for you next Friday (January 5th).

#49 Chess Coroner Compilation

To save you the trouble of downloading multiple files from my archives & piecing them together, I've put all 89 games (75 annotated) posted since I started blogging into a convenient zipped PGN package.

#48 Loose Ends

I've uploaded 6 leftovers (4 annotated) from this year's Kenilworth schedule; including...

- The 3rd-best game by a 2006 opponent
A29 Goeller 1-0 Moldovan : Kenilworth Thematic 05/04/2006

- My 2nd-best game of 2006
C16 Stephan 0-1 Moldovan : Kenilworth vs. West Orange 06/27/2006

- My worst game of 2006 :
D34 Moldovan 0-1 Garcia : Kenilworth vs. Roselle 11/16/2006.

The other best of 2006 games are contained in post #50.

Here's is the Loose Ends Java-replay page & its zipped PGN file.

#47 2007 Kenilworth Club Championship

The 2007 Kenilworth Club Championship starts on January 11th. If there are more than 10 total entries, we'll, like last year, have an Open section & an U1800 group.

The Open section will be a round-robin with a maximum of 10 players (probably based on rating if more wish to play in the top group.

The U1800 format may depend upon the number of entries in the section. If there are 7-10 U1800s, it will be a round-robin. However, for example, if there are just 4-6 U1800s, Tournament Director Geoff McAuliffe could run a double RR. If there are >10 players seeking the U1800 crown, a 9-round swiss would seemingly be required.

To play in the event, you need to pay the $15 membership dues, a $25 entry fee & a $10 (refundable) commitment deposit (= $50 total). Registrations will likely be accepted until 8:30 p.m. on January 11 but I suggest that you join at our next meeting (Thursday, Jan. 4th) & state which section you prefer.

For more information, contact Geoff or our Club President, Joe Demetrick.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

#46 Happy Holidays...

Happy Holidays everyone! Here are 3 games for you to play thru online, download the PGN of & hopefully enjoy :

- a Zukertort System QP Game

D05 Barnett 0-1 So : U.S. Amateur Teams East, Parsippany 02/21/2005

Black to win

- a Classical Nimzo-Indian

E32 Minkov 0-1 Hall : Action Quads, Westfield 08/28/2005

White to win

- an Alapin Sicilian
B22 Mann 0-1 Sherry : Checkmate Chess Club, Springfield 10/22/2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

#45 Best Games Request

I'd like to do a "Best of 2006" post featuring 1 game by each Kenilworth Chess Club member. So, please bring a copy of your finest to our next meeting or e-mail it to . Game submissions by members of other NJ clubs are also welcome.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

#44 Frankenstein-Dracula Refutation? & 4 Others

Sorry for being a few days late. To make ammends, I have 5 games for you this week :

- a possible Frankenstein-Dracula Vienna refutation
C27 Shaw 0-1 Cavaliere : correspondence 2005-6

- a somewhat humorous Exchange Caro-Kann
B13 Hutama 0-1 Stoyko : Westfield Quads 11/26/2006

- an Advance French
C02 Pelican 1-0 Sherry : Kenilworth Championship 02/19/2004

- a King's Indian
E91 Moldovan 1/2 Stephan : West Orange vs. Kenilworth 09/28/2005

- a Symmetrical 4 Knights English
A35 Moldovan 0-1 Chieu : Springfield Swiss #2 01/26/2003

Here's the usual Java-replay page & zipped PGN file.

I'll upload some more games this weekend (Fri. Sat or Sun.) & make a couple end-of-year posts during Christmas week.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

#43 A Reminder

I just wanted to remind all Kenilworth Chess Club members that the annual business meeting will be held tonight. It will start around 8:30 p.m. & probably last an hour. Visitors will be welcome after 9:30.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

#42 An English & 2 Sicilians

I have 3 games for you this week :

- an interesting, instructive English Opening
Minkov - Mann : Springfield 2004

- another game from the recent Roselle match
Demetrick - Adelson : Roselle 2006

- a theoretically important Najdorf Sicilian
De Toledo - Di Beradino : Brazilian Championship 2006

Here's the usual Java-replay page & zipped PGN file.

The Minkov game has color-graphics. So, those with ChessBase, Fritz or one of their compatible programs, should skip the PGN & download this
zipped .CBV file!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

#41 Another Isolated d-Pawn Example

Earlier this week, I defeated one of my Kenilworth Consultation teammates in an isolated d-pawn game. As in the aforementioned, the saddled side failed to push his isolonus at the opportune moment (17.d5!? below) and later lost.

White to play

Here’s the Java-replay & zipped PGN for you.

#40 More Games From The West Orange & Holmdel Matches

I’ve annotated & uploaded 3 additional games from Kenilworth’s matches against West Orange & Holmdel, including my losses to Bill Potts & Charles Hart. Here’s the Java-replay page & PGN file.


If you’re wondering why there’s been a 13-day gap between posts, it’s mostly because I ruined the database with all of my games by accidentally deleting the .cbp player file & emptying the Recycle Bin before realizing the error. I knew all of my commentary was still there but it took parts of 4 days & everything but the kitchen sink (file-merging, doubles-sorting, cutting, pasting, typing, trial & error) to sufficiently incorporate it into a new DB. Some symbols in the scores were turned into text but that can be remedied.