Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#804 Gauntlet Pairings

Pairings for Thursday 3/31 (Final Round):

Knockout Section

Richard Lewis - Don Carrelli

Wild Card Section 

Kevin Chen 4.5 - John Moldovan 4.0
Greg Tomkovich 4.0 -Ian Mangion 3.5

Max Sherer 3.0 - Chris Curran 3.0
Ted Mann 1.0 - Lou Sturniolo 2.5
Pat Mazzillo 2.0 -
Joe Azzarello 2.0

Joe Renna 1.5 gets a 2 point bye.
Bart Lahiff 0.0 has withdrawn.

Players listed on the left side of the pairings will have White in the 1st game, Black in the 2nd.

Games will start at 8:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

#803 Armageddon Your Pieces USAT Champs

"Armageddon Your Pieces" defeated New Jersey's "West Orange Krush" and "For Whom Azbel Tolls" today to become the 2011 U.S. Amateur Team Champions.

The winners were led by Jeremy Mandelkern and Matt Helfst, who swept on boards 3 & 4.

PGN 1 icc version

PGN 2 improved version

(names & ratings corrected, - timestamps, + novelty annotation)

#802 Kenilworth Gauntlet - Round 3

Knockout Section

The 1st place battle between Richard Lewis & Don Carrelli will take place next week.

Wild Card Section

Kevin Chen, Greg Tomkovich and Lou Sturniolo won. My match against Max Sherer and Mann-Mazzillo were drawn.

Chris Curran received a 1 point bye. Bart Lahiff withdrew.

WC Standings, going into the final round:

1. Chen 5.0 4.5

=2-3. Moldovan, Tomkovich 4.0
4. Mangion 3.0 3.5
=5-6. Sherer, Curran 3.0
7. Sturniolo 2.5
=8-10. Mann, Mazzillo, Azzarello 2.0
11. Renna 1.5
12. Lahiff 0.0


Standings corrected 3/27 @ 1:20 a.m. Thanks to Kevin for noticing the error.

#801 Gauntlet Games From Round 2

A handful of games from last week's round of the Kenilworth Gauntlet have been uploaded in Java-Replay and PGN, as well as a crosstable.

#800 West Orange In USAT Playoffs

West Orange Krush, winners of last month's USATE tourney in Parsippany, will be competing in the U.S. Amateur Team playoffs today, starting at 1 p.m. The games will be broadcast on the Internet Chess Club.

More details here.

Monday, March 21, 2011

#799 Wild Card Pairings For 3/24

Kenilworth Gauntlet

Wild Card pairings for round 3:

Mangion (3.0) - Chen (3.0)
Moldovan (3.0) - Sherer (2.0)
Azzarello (2.0) - Tomkovich (2.0)
Mann (1.0) - Mazzillo (1.0)
Sturniolo (1.0) - Renna (1.0)

Chris Curran gets a 1 pt. bye.
Bart Lahiff is slated for a 2 point bye.

The KO final will be held March 31st.

#798 Kenilworth Gauntlet - Round 2

Knockout Section

Don Carrelli beat Max Sherer 2-0. Dr. Richard Lewis knocked me out by winning an Armageddon playoff.

KO Final: Lewis vs. Carrelli

Wild Card Section

Ian Mangion, Kevin Chen, Greg Tomkovich and Chris Curran (via forfeit) won their matches 2-0. Joe Renna and Ted Mann split.

Standings, going into round 3:

=1-3. Mangion, Chen, Moldovan 3.0
=4-7. Sherer, Tomkovich, Curran, Azzarello 2.0
= 8-11. Mann, Sturniolo, Mazzillo, Renna
12. Lahiff 0.0

Pairings, games and a crosstable will follow.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#796 Gauntlet Pairings

Kenilworth Gauntlet
2nd Round Pairings
Thursday 3/17

Knockout Section 
Don Carrelli 2.0 - Max Sherer 2.0
Richard Lewis 2.0 - John Moldovan 2.0

Wild Card Section

Joe Azzarello 2.0 - Ian Mangion 1.0  
Kevin Chen 1.0 - Lou Sturniolo 1.0
Greg Tomkovich 0.0 - Pat Mazzillo 1.0
Joe Renna 0.0 - Ted Mann 0.0
Chris Curran 0.0 - Bart Lahiff 0.0

Players listed on the left side of the pairings will have White in the 1st game, Black in the 2nd.

Games will start at 8:30 p.m.

Monday, March 14, 2011

#795 CZE-USA Info

The Czech Republic-USA correspondence match is underway! Our lineup includes U.S. Champ John Ballow and IM Michael Brooks.

I am playing on the bottom board (25) against Radek Svitil. The public can view the games without delay.

So, here we go:

1.d4 e6


PGN of all the games

Friday, March 11, 2011

#794 Kenilworth Gauntlet - Round 1

Knockout Section

Don Carrelli, Dr. Richard Lewis, Max Sherer & I won by 2-0 scores and advanced to round 2.

Chris Curran (who nearly forced me into an Armageddon Game), Greg Tomkovich, Ted Mann and Joe Renna were relegated to the Wild Card Section.

Standings, going into round 2:
=1. Carrelli, Moldovan, Lewis, Sherer 2.0

2nd round pairings: Carrelli-Sherer, Lewis-Moldovan

Since there is only 1 KO group, this section will play 3 rounds instead of 4. The winners will be given the option of playing the final round over 2 weeks instead of having to play 2-3 games in 1 night.

Wild Card Section

In the only match, Joe Azzarello swept young Bart Lahiff (628).

Standings, going into round 2:
1. Azzarello 2.0
=2-6. Tomkovich, Mann, Curran, Renna, Lahiff 0.0

Preliminary 2nd round pairings: Azzarello-Tomkovich, Renna-Mann, Curran-Lahiff

Late joins (in multiples of 2) will be accepted until 8 p.m. EDT on Tuesday 3/15. Finalized WC pairings will be issued then.

PGN linked fixed 3/26 @12:05 p.m.

Prizes, based on the 10 current entries:
$25 for the KO section winner, $15 for the KO runner-up, $10 for the Wild Card winner.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

#793 KCC Gauntlet Starts Tomorrow

The Kenilworth Gauntlet, an unrated, 4-round, modified knockout tournament, starts tomorrow night and runs through March 31st.

In each round, you will play two games against your opponent, one with each color.
The time control is 25+5 (increment, not delay) except for Armageddon tie-break games in the knock-out sections.

If a increment-capable clock is not available or cannot be set, delay may be used.

Entry Fee: $5.00

Prizes: 50% to 1st (final winner), 30% to 2nd (final loser), 20% to 3rd (wild card winner).

Each player must keep score until he has less than 5 minutes left.

A player who is not present within 15 minutes of a round’s start shall forfeit that game.

Late joins will be allowed until the pairings for round 2 are made. Players who late-join will receive 1 point and be placed in the Wild Card section.

Full rules are here.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

#792 GSCL - Round 6 Games

2 annotated games from Thursday's DOCA-Kortchnois match have been uploaded in java-replay and PGN. They have also been added to my running zip for 2011.

after 14...h6?

White to play

#791 STC Bunch Returns

Slow time control fans rejoice! The STC Bunch has its website up again. Their first big event of the year, the Winter Blues started on March 1st but you can late-join. I'm considering doing so.

STC Winter Blues

March 1st-April 11, 2011
6-round Swiss
Time Control: 60+15
Server: FICS

Two requestable half-point byes per player are allowed.
The complete set of rules are here.

Friday, March 04, 2011

#790 Karpovs, Kortchnois Lose

Kenilworth's GSCL teams lost their matches this week. On Tuesday, the Karpovs were knocked out of first place by West Orange and last night the Kortchnois fell to the DOCA Knights.

For more on the defeats, visit the Garden State Chess League blog and the Kenilworth Kibitzer.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

#789 Kenilworth Ch. - Awards Ceremony

The Kenilworth Championship's Awards Ceremony will be held prior to tomorrow's Garden State League match between the DOCA Knights and Kenilworth Kortchnois.

#788 USATE - Rating Gains And Losses

Lou Sturniolo (+67) and Joe Renna (+27) had the biggest gains among the KCC's USATE contingent. I dropped 3 points but stayed >1800. Here are the changes for all 22 participants:

Lou Sturniolo +67 to 1520!!
Joe Renna +27 to 1203!
Ari Minkov +14 to 1994
Glen Hart +12 to 1719
Ian Mangion +11 to 1971
Kevin Chen +4 to 1869
Yaacov Norowitz +3 to 2553
Ziggy Bliznikas -0 to 1800
Mike Wojcio -0 to 1600
Jack McCorkell -2 to 1530
Mike Goeller -3 to 2040
John Moldovan -3 to 1811
Richard Lewis -4 to 1802
Mark Kernighan -5 to 2228
Steve Stoyko -5 to 2207
Geoff McAuliffe -9 to 1644
Ken Chieu -13 to 2177
Scott Massey -25 to 2200
Don Carrelli -26 to 1864
Max Sherer -27 to 1801
Mikhail Kruglyak -33 to 1538
Ted Mann -35 to 1617

#787 USATE - Kenilworth's USATE Scores

22 members of the Kenilworth Chess Club played in last month's U.S. Amateur Team East. Here are their scores from the event:

Ari Minkov 5.0
Yaacov Norowitz 4.5/5
Steve Stoyko 4.5
Mark Kernighan 4.0
Ian Mangion 4.0
Glen Hart 4.0
Richard Lewis 3.0/5
Scott Massey 3.0
Mike Goeller 3.0
Max Sherer 3.0
Jack McCorkell 3.0
Ken Chieu 2.5/4
John Moldovan 2.5/4
Don Carrelli 2.5
Geoff McAuliffe 2.5
Mike Wojcio 2.5
Joe Renna 2.5
Lou Sturniolo 2.0/5
Mikhail Kruglyak 2.0/5
Ted Mann 2.0
Kevin Chen 1.5/4
Ziggy Bliznikas 1.5/4