Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#1121 Germany Wins NATO Championship

Germany won the 2013 NATO Championship, which was held in Rynia, Poland from August 12-16.

The United States team finished tied for 4th. Dan Ranario led the American contingent with 5/7 and tied for 6th place among individual players.

Chess Mates owner/Army Captain/NM Arthur Macaspac, who has been serving in Djibouti, and is due to return home in late September, had 4.5 points and tied for 8th.

All 287 games in ChessBase format.

For more details read U.S. Shines At 24th NATO Champs on the USCF web site.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

#1120 Correspondence Update

This morning I defeated Kenneth E. Jones, bringing my score in the 20th U.S. Correspondence Championship Semi-Finals to 3.5/5 and raising my "live" ICCF rating to 2326.

My opponent varied from Nickel-Loeschnauer: ICCF GM Norm Tourney #34 with 18.Bg5, got into severe time-trouble and started going wrong with 24.Kg2. 27.exf6? let my Ng8 into play and after 29.Qd6?! Black was already winning. I used just 20 days compared to Jones' 200.

Here is a snapshot of the final position and move list:

... plus a replay of the game:

C18 French Defense