Friday, May 23, 2008

#322 Consultation Conclusion

The 3rd Annual Kenilworth Consultation Game ended in a draw after the Black team missed a win in severe time pressure.

Adjourned position

31...Rh6 (sealed) 32.Rfg1 d5 33.Rg8 Nc4 34.Rc8 Kd7 35.Rf8 Nd6 36.Ra8 a6 37.Rb8 c6? 38.b4! Kc7 39.Rf8 Kb6 40.Kc2 a5 41.a3? axb4 42.axb4 Kb5 43.Kb3 b6 44.Rh3? c5 45.bxc5 bxc5 46.Rh2 c4+ 47.Kc3 Kc5 48.Kc2 d4? 49.Ra8 d3+ 50.Kc1? Kd4? 51.Rh4+ Ke3 52.Ra5? Ne4 53.Rd5? Ng3! 54.Rxc4? Rxh5 55.Rc8

55...Rh1+ 56.Kb2 Ne4 57.Re8 d2 58.Red8 Ke2 59.Re8 d1N+ 60.Rxd1 Kxd1? 61.Rxe4 Rf1?? 62.Kc3 Rxf5 63.Kd3 Rd5+ 64.Ke3 Re5 65.Kf4 Re6 66.Kf5 Rb6 ½–½

Notes to last night's moves have been added the the event's Java-replay page & zipped PGN.

I hope we can have another consultation game in the fall!

Correct diagram of adjourned position uploaded 5/24 at 5:25 p.m. Sorry for the error.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John!
The consultation game was truly exciting! It was great to be on a team with steve as its coordiator. It's amazing how many interpretations one can get out of a position and how much a lower-tared player can learn about chess and chess thought processes.A terrific addition to our club's activities
Pat Mazzillo